I believe that our work here is to return to authentic, unconditional love.

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Join me each week on the Yoga Moves You podcast for my segment with host Andrew Gordon, Excavating with Erin


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"Erin is a powerhouse goddess of mindful movement and meditation. Her sessions always leave me feeling more confident, more powerful, and happier than when I came in. I had been off the workout train for awhile before I started coming to Erin and her compassionate approach helped me embrace where I was at while also committing to becoming stronger. If you are looking for a kick-you-in-the-butt mentor who is simultaneously gentle and loving, definitely get to know Erin!"

- Natalie Taggart, Venice CA


“After working with Erin I gained mental clarity, self confidence, and had fun doing it!”

— Claire Dilworth, Mar Vista CA


"Erin completely transformed my relationship with yoga. I used to see it as merely a way to stretch and strengthen my body - which Erin's classes helped with so much - but her use of music and mindful direction took yoga to another level. Through her I started to have a better understanding of yoga as a connection between mind, movement and breath - and her classes fast became the highlight of my week!"

- Brett Nestdat, West Hollywood CA