We go to so many different places and spend our resources in order to receive different treatments, therapies, workouts, healing modalities all with the intention of coming back home to ourselves. 

Disruption Sessions are individuaized sessions that combine various healing modalities - both ancient and modern - to support you on your journey towards optimal health, well-being, and inner peace.

They stem from a deep knowing that at our core, we have all the answers we need. They stem from an acknowledgment that we are both strong and tender, always.

In these sessions you will:

  • be guided in addressing the blockages that are holding you back from your highest self
  • work with me in a safe space to remove them
  • move your body, deep dive into breath (as appropriate)
  • steep in deep relaxation and energetic nourishment
  • take-away "coming-home" work to support you further

Sessions are offered individually as longer immersive experiences, or in a packaged form.

"Erin's sessions are a one stop shop for all things personaland spiritual expansion."
- Kristin Glenn, Venice CA

for availability and pricing, contact me: erinrward@gmail.com